World's smallest 406 MHz EPIRB approvable worldwide!
Built in strobe for enhanced location in poor visibility conditions Single, three position switch for easy test and operation. Steady green LED indicates has passed full functional test, flashing red LED indicates unit is "ON" Transmits on 406 MHz (COSPAS-SARSAT) with your registered, digitally-coded distress signal, and 121.5 MHz (SAR homing frequency) Can be manually activated; self-buoyant - no external float collar to lose Lanyard coiled on recessed spool for non-tangling deployment Exclusive, polycarbonate blend designed for maximum resistance to UV and chemicals; maximum durability when exposed to extreme temperatures and shock High impact plastic case designed to withstand exposure to UV rays, oil, sea water and raft packing Field programmable - built-in vessel code can be reprogrammed by any ACR Authorized Service Center world wide (Maritime/Serialized/Radio Call Sign/MID Protocols, Country Code, etc.) Product label includes universal test/operation symbols, English and French languages, plus ability to substitute other foreign languages 5 year limited warranty 5 year replacement life (11 year useful life) lithium battery Operating life: 48 hours @ -40°C (-40°F). NOTE: 406 MHz EPIRB Category II manually deployable. Includes Mounting Bracket.5 year replacement life (11 year useful life)

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