Powers 18 inches x 18 inches arm/blade combinations at a sweep set of 80º or less Factory pre-set sweep of 80º or 110º adjustable to 50º, 65º, 80º or 110º 5/8 inch diameter shaft Available in 1-1/2 inch shaft length Fully sealed waterproof housing made of UV stabilized high-temperature, high-impact thermoplastic 12 Volt heavy-duty motor with anti-rotation drive shaft Knurled drive shaft and soid brass arm drive nut Adjustable right or left self parking Coast to park Includes 5 amp fuse and holder (no on/off switch) RF shielded circuitry Maximum current draw: 5 amps Compact size: 6-5/8 inches L x 3-3/8 inches W x 2 inches H Weight: 1.75 lbs. Made in the U.S.A. 3 Year Warranty.

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