Solid Brass knurled drive nut with brass and stainless steel drive shaft Adjustable right or left self parking Coast to park Includes 5 amp fuse and holder Stainless steel fasteners and mounting bracket Maximum current draw: 3.5 amps at peak load Compact size - 7-7/16"L x 4"W x 2"H Not recommended for exterior use 1 year manufacturer warranty See Similar Items MFR. Marinco-AFI Specifications provided by MFR. or distributors The MRV easily powers a 22" x 22" arm/blade combinations and accommodates blades from 16" to 24". Factory pre-set sweep of 80° or 110° can be adjusted to 45°, 60°, 80° or 110°. The shaft is 5/8" in diameter. The protective casing is corrosion-resistant. The heavy-duty two speed motor has right angle drive and can be operated as 1 speed.

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