Quasar lights are intelligently planned for easier installation, maintenance, and efficient light output. For use on boats up to 65.6 ft. (20 meters). Smooth contour prevents lines from snagging on housing Available in a variety of finishes Lens resin color (red/green) tuned to maximum sensitivity of the human eye for optimum visibility Single external stainless steel lock screw attaches cover to base, permits easy disassembly for servicing Stainless steel electrical contacts will not corrode Attaches directly to deck with concealed #10 fasteners–or to one of the Sidelight Snap-On Bases 3300 Series 1/4" stainless steel contacts or 7" hard wire leads for connection to 12 VDC power supply Includes 8-watt festoon bulb Two-mile, 225° light visibility.

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