Long lasting, permanently flexible marine polysulfide sealant which can be sanded, painted and used above and below the waterline. Tack-free in 1 to 3 days, excellent resistance to teak oils, gasoline and diesel fuel. Cures in 7-10 days. Ideal for teak decks, to bed deck and hull hardware, seal thru hull fittings and underwater seams. Will bond to fiberglass, wood, metal, glass and itself. Cures to a firm flexible rubber seal with excellent waterproofing and adhesion qualities. Can be applied underwater for emergency repairs. Can be applied to damp surfaces. 1030,1031,1032

Key features 

  • Permanently flexible marine sealant
  • Can be sanded and painted
  • Resistance to teak oils, gasoline, and diesel fuel
  • Will bond to fiberglass, wood, metal, glass, and itself
  • Cures to a firm flexible rubber seal
  • Can be applied underwater


  • Formulation: One-part polysulfide 
  • Recommended Usage: Fiberglass, wood, metal, glass, above and below water 
  • Material Incompatibilities: Not recommended for use with ABS or Lexan plastics 
  • Adhesion Rating: Tensile: 170 psi; 
  • Ultimate elongation: 500% 
  • Cure Time: Tack-free: 24hrs.; Complete cure: 10-20 days 
  • Cleanup: Life-Calk Solvent,
  • Removal: Mechanical removal


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