The solution to keep batteries isolated and provide DC main circuit protection. • Isolates starting circuit from house circuit • Simplifies battery switch operation • Protects electronics from sags and spikes caused by engine cranking • Discharges batteries independently • Enables a failed starting battery to be isolated from the electrical system and both house and starting loads to be operated from the remaining battery bank • Provides main circuit protection for DC house power system • Addition of the new Automatic Charging Relay automates charging both battery banks Specifications Inrush Rating: 0.25 sec (10 repeats)* 1,400 Amperes DC Cranking Rating: 9.75 sec (10 repeats)* 600 Amperes DC Intermittent Rating: 5 min (UL 1107) 375 Amperes DC Continuous Rating: (UL 1107) 250 Amperes DC Voltage Rating 32 Volts DC Maximum House Circuit Protection 100 Amperes DC Dimensions Height 6.50" (165.10mm) Width 5.25" (133.40mm)

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