Our mid-sized marine bilge heater provides forced-air heat through a patented case design to keep your engine compartment safely above freezing. The Boatsafe® boat heater does this while maintaining ignition protection. When the boat heater's sensor detects an ambient temperature of approximately 45° Fahrenheit (7.2°C), it turns on and remains on until the engine compartment reaches approximately 55° Fahrenheit (12.7°C). Benefits of using Boatsafe® Marine Engine Compartment Heaters Extend your boating season Delay Boat Winterization Economical to use Keeps engine(s) and wiring dry and corrosion free Improve battery performance Enhances the resale value of your boat Save money by eliminating the annual costs of winterizing & de-winterizing your boat engine(s) in some climates All Boatsafe® bilge heaters meet U.S. Coast Guard Ignition Protection Standards Extensively tested for your safety and benefit Endorsed by thousands of boaters like yourself Full TwoYear Warranty plus a lifetime service guarantee on all Boatsafe® boat bilge heaters

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