CAMP C55989 Mercruiser Alpha One Zinc Anode

Attaches to the Alpha One gimbal housing's mounting bolts.

Diameter:  1-1/4"
Height:   1-1/8"
Threaded Mounting Hole:  1/2" NC
Weight:  0.24 lbs

MERCURY OUTDRIVE ZINC Your outboard or sterndrive has control anodes at different locations. An anode helps protect the outboard or sterndrive against galvanic corrosion by sacrificing its metal to be slowly eroded away, instead of the outboard or sterndrive metals. Each anode requires periodic inspection especially in saltwater applications, which will accelerate the erosion. To maintain this corrosion protection, always replace the anode before it is completely eroded. Never paint or apply a protective coating on the anode, as this will reduce its effectiveness.

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