Performance by Design!! Congratulations! You own a Evinrude or Johnson outboard engine...the most reliable and dependable outboard on the market. To help maintain your engine's reliability, make sure you use Evinrude or Johnson XD30™ OIL. Evinrude/Johnson XD30™ OIL will provide superior performance for all Evinrude and Johnson outboards - both premix and oil injection engines. Johnson and Evinrude 2 Cycle Outboard Oils provide your engine with greater performance additives than typical TC-W3 oil brands. Extensive testing proves that Johnson and Evinrude brands are the best prevention against ring-sticking, carbon deposits and piston scuffing. Why take a chance with your engine? Use Johnson and Evinrude 2 Cycle Outboard Oil. Please remember you are ordering Evinrude Johnson outboard oil by the case.

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