Marine DVD Stereo MS-AV600 Delivering a new modern styling and enhanced remote bus technology, the 600 series is an evolution on the award winning features found in the 500 series. Incorporating an intelligent user memory, FUSION's latest Alpha Search Technology and extended Apple iPod support with fully integrated iPod user interface, dual mono subwoofer output and ingenious behind dash engineering all contained in a 100% aluminum chassis. The 600 series is the next step in the evolution of marine entertainment technology. TRUE 360° WATERPROOF DESIGN Complies with IPX5 Waterproof standards, which includes full behind dash water protection INNOVATIVE MULTI-ZONE CONTROL Fully adjustable volume control in all zones of the vessel. Have loud music in the cockpit & quieter music in the saloon. USER FRIENDLY User interface is intuitive and simple to use, while the recessed backlit keypad is large enough to view and operate in the roughest conditions. SUPERIOR DIE-CAST CONSTRUCTION Engineered to withstand the harsh marine environment including salt spray, humidity and pounding seas. SUPERIOR DISPLAY Large, adjustable backlit LCD allows for accurate display of the iPod and Sirius interface. TRUE INTEGRATION FOR iPod Complete iPod integration and control is provided through a replication of the iPod menu on the stereo display allowing simple navigation and ease of use through a rotary encoder. ADVANCED POWER SAVING High output efficiency and low battery drain through the latest D-Class Amplifier technology. CREATE THE ULTIMATE MARINE STEREO COMBO The 600 Series Marine DVD Stereo and External iPod Dock (MS-IPDOCK) can be combined to provide the ultimate system flexibility and seamlessly blend into your instrument panel. This product combo enables you to utilize FUSION's unique internal dock for iPod technology, which keeps your iPod waterproof, secure and protected from the harsh marine environment. Complies with IPX5 Waterproof Standard Direct access source control Electronic Skip Protection Fully integrated iPod user interface Electronic bass / treble / balance control 3 zone configurable Zone subwoofer level control Variable back light illumination Rotary encoder volume control 12/24 hour Clock The MS-AV600 is compatible with the SiriusConnect Universal Tuner (North America only) Mounting dimensions (chasis): 52mm(H) x 180mm(W) x 160mm(D) Outside face dimensions: 79mm(H) x 217mm(W) x 36mm(D)

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