The Garmin Bluechart g2 HXUS039R navigation software contains information of Coastal Coverage of the U.S. that covers the Canadian Border to Key West, FL; the Gulf of Mexico; Alaska; the West Coast from Puget Sound to the Mexican Border; Hawaii; the Bahamas; the Aleutian and Channel Islands; and major inland rivers. It also includes detailed coverage of Canadian waters in the Inside and Outside Passages, Puget Sound, and the Great Lakes. With BlueChart g2 card, you'll have access to detailed mapping capabilities which include standardized depth contours, smooth data transition between zoom levels, harmonious transition across chart borders, and reduction of chart discontinuities. Bluechart g2 HXUS039R Features: US (Entire Us) Digital Map Covers Entire U.S. Coast Shaded Depth Contours Safety Shading Intertidal Zones Spot Soundings Smooth Data Transition Between Zoom Levels Fishing Charts Harmonious Chart Borders Transition Reduced Chart Discontinuities 2-D Direct Overhead View 3-D Over-the-Bow View Port Plans Tides, Wrecks, Restricted Areas & Anchorages

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