The U.S. Inland Lakes Full Coverage contains detailed coverage of 16,700 freshwater lakes throughout the continental United States. With detailed shoreline and bathymetric detail, you will have coverage of lakes, reservoirs and rivers underwater depth contours and many fishing locations. Also, it contains boat ramps, marinas, aids to navigation, obstacles and hazards, tide stations and predictions, local roads and parks and more. It allows you to search by lake, river or city as you navigate around the water. US Inland Lakes Full Coverage Vision Features: Navigational Software Download Detailed Maps of U.S. Inland Lakes Full Coverage Includes Lakes w/ High-Definition Shorelines and Bathymetric Detail Provides Data On Tide Prediction Stations, U.S. Coast Guard Aids To Navigation Maps Include Wrecks & Obstructions Includes Rivers, Streams and River and Creek Channels Allows To Search By Lake Or City Includes Interstates, Highways & General Roads NOTE: Compatible Models Astro GPSMAP 620 nuvi 650 Colorado 300 GPSMAP 640 nuvi 660 Colorado 400c GPSMAP 60CSx nuvi 670 Colorado 400i GPSMAP 60Cx nuvi 680 Colorado 400t GPSMAP 620 nuvi 750 Dakota 20 GPSMAP 640 nuvi 755T Edge 605 GPSMAP 76CSx nuvi 760 Edge 705 GPSMAP 76Cx nuvi 765T eTrex Legend HCx nuvi 1200 nuvi 770 eTrex Legend Cx nuvi 1250 nuvi 775T eTrex Venture Cx nuvi 1260T nuvi 780 eTrex Vista HCx nuvi 1300 nuvi 785T eTrex Vista Cx nuvi 1350 nuvi 850 GPSMAP 4008 nuvi 1350T nuvi 855 GPSMAP 4010 nuvi 1370T nuvi 880 GPSMAP 4012 nuvi 1390T nuvi 885T GPSMAP 420/420s nuvi 1450 Oregon 200 GPSMAP 4208 nuvi 1490T Oregon 300 GPSMAP 421/421s nuvi 1690 Oregon 400c GPSMAP 4210 nuvi 200 Oregon 400i GPSMAP 4212 nuvi 200W Oregon 400t GPSMAP 430/430s nuvi 205 Oregon 550 GPSMAP 431/431s nuvi 205W Oregon 550t GPSMAP 440/440s nuvi 250 Rhino 520HCx GPSMAP 441/441s nuvi 250W Rhino 530HCx GPSMAP 5008 nuvi 255 StreetPilot 7200 GPSMAP 5012 nuvi 255W StreetPilot 7500 GPSMAP 5015 nuvi 260 StreetPilot c310 GPSMAP 520/520s nuvi 260W StreetPilot c320 GPSMAP 5208 nuvi 265T StreetPilot c330 GPSMAP 521/521s nuvi 265WT StreetPilot c340 GPSMAP 5212 nuvi 270 StreetPilot c510 GPSMAP 5215 nuvi 275T StreetPilot c530 GPSMAP 525/525s nuvi 285WT StreetPilot c550 GPSMAP 526/526s nuvi 350 StreetPilot c580 GPSMAP 530/530s nuvi 360 StreetPilot i2 GPSMAP 531/531s nuvi 370 StreetPilot i3 GPSMAP 535/535s nuvi 465T StreetPilot i5 GPSMAP 536/536s nuvi 500 Zumo 450 GPSMAP 540/540s nuvi 5000 Zumo 550 GPSMAP 541/541s nuvi 550 Zumo 660 GPSMAP 545/545s nuvi 600 GPSMAP 546/546s nuvi 610

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