Dual Power VHF Marine Transceivers with 10 NOAA Weather Channels, Weather Alert, 10 Channel Memory Features: 1 or 5 Watts Dual output power for short and long communication U.S.A., Canada & International Channels Allows operation on any of the three different channel maps established for these areas 10 NOAA Weather Channels Instant access to national all hazards and weather information, 24 hours a day Weather Alert Alerts with an audible tone and visual alarm if threatening weather is nearby Instant Channel 16/9 Instant access to channel 16 and channel 9 for emergency situations 10 Channel Memory Allows programming of up to 10 channels for easy retrieval or scanning Tri-Watch Monitors three channels at once - Channel 16 and two user selected channel Scan Scan all channels to find conversations in progress Memory Scan Scan channels programmed in memory to find conversations in progress Signal Strength Meter Shows the strength of outgoing and/or incoming signal Button/Key Lock Locks function buttons/keys to eliminate accidental change of settings Battery Tray With Charge Contacts (One per transceiver) Allows charging of batteries in unit Illuminted Function Keys Allows high visibility of function keys Illuminated LCD Display: Large Allows high visibility of display Submersible Meets JIS7 standards; Submersible for 30 minutes in one meter deep water 3 Year Warranty on radio.

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