Interlux Micron Extra Antifouling Paint

  • Ablative, Superior Antifouling Performance with Biolux to Control Slime
  • Haul and Relaunch without Repainting, Suitable for Use in All Waters
  • Size: Gallon, Select Color, Original Formula Containing Irgarol

*Receive a manufacturer’s mail-in-rebate for up to 2 gallons or 2 quarts of Interlux products

Original Formula Containing Irgarol* Micron Extra combines the slime blocking power of Biolux™ with controlled solubility copolymer antifouling paint technology to provide long-lasting, full-spectrum defense against fouling organisms. Micron Extra incorporates Biolux™ along with cuprous oxide to achieve complete protection against shell, weed and slime fouling. The antifouling ingredients are chemically bonded into Micron Extra’s copolymer matrix, which is engineered to gradually wear away as the boat moves through the water, much like a bar of soap. This self-polishing process results in the constant, controlled delivery of biocides from freshly exposed paint film surface, and assures consistent, long-lasting performance and maximum efficiency. Micron Extra retains it’s antifouling effectiveness when hauled and can be relaunched without repainting. The longevity of Micron Extra is related to the amount of paint applied.5693,5690,5691,5692,5694,5695,5696,5690G,5691G,5692G,5693G5694G5696G Multi-season, self-polishing protection with no paint build-up. Can be applied over tightly adhered, hard, conventional antifouling paints. Two coats minimum required. Can be hauled and relaunched without loss of effectiveness. Drying, Overcoat: 16 hours Drying, Max. Before Launch: Indefinite Thinner: 216. Coverage: 440 sq.ft./gal.

  • Multi-season, self-polishing protection with no paint build-up
  • Two coats minimum required
  • Type: Copolymer
  • Recommended Usage: High fouling areas, trailerables, dry-stored, fiberglass, wood, and steel hulls
  • Biocide: 39% Cuprous Oxide
  • Additives: Biolux (anti-slime technology)
  • Number of Coats Recommended: Two to three minimum
  • Coverage: 110sq.ft./qt., 440sq.ft./gal.
  • Drying Time: To touch: 1 to 3 hrs: Overcoating: 16 hrs: to launch: 16 hrs.
  • Thinner: 216. 5693,5691,5692,5694,5690,5693 Black,5690 Blue,5691 Green,5694 Shark,5696 Dark Blue

Available colors


Interlux® Spring Mail-In Rebate Program

Receive a manufacturer’s mail-in-rebate for up to 2 gallons or 2 quarts of Interlux products.

To receive your rebate: 

1. Purchase up to two gallons of eligible Interlux antifouling paint or up to two quarts of Cetol Marine and VC 17m Extra between February 3, 2020 and May 29, 2020.

2. Eligible products:

$20 rebate per gallon: Micron® 66®, Micron® Extra, Micron® CF, Micron® CSC, Micron WA* $10 rebate per gallon: ACT*, Aqua-One*, Fiberglass Bottomkote® Aqua*, Fiberglass Bottomkote® NT $5 rebate per quart: VC®17m Extra*, Cetol® Marine, Cetol® Marine Light, Cetol® Marine Natural Teak and Cetol® Marine Gloss

3. Complete in full this form (handwriting must be legible for your submission to be processed), include the original dated sales receipt with purchase price circled and fill in the UPC number for each product redemption.

4. Rebate request must be postmarked no later than June 30, 2020.

5. Keep a copy of this rebate form and sales receipt for your records.

6. Mail all items to: Interlux MIR (Offer 42277) P.O. Box 6068 Douglas, AZ 85655-6068 Customer Service Number: 1-800-293-6778 / Customer Service Web Site:

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Covered quickly and easily. Made an unpleasant job much easier.One coat coverage and dries quick.