Don't miss your chance to have a true DirecTV home watching experience at a fraction of the cost! DirecTV HD at Sea! On sale for a limited time only! Intellian s6HD is a digital marine satellite TVRO (Receive Only) antenna system specially designed for DIRECTV services for all types of vessels (anchored or in transit) to automatically identify, track and capture satellite signals from the Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB: the International standard for digital TV transmissions) compatible satellites. The s6HD, with its unique triple feedhorn, is designed to receive Ku-band and Ka-band signals from all three DIRECTV satellites simultaneously. This provides continual access to all DIRECTV programming, including all Standard (SD) and High Definition (HD) channels. The s6HD is also compatible with general Ku-band receivers such as DISH Network, Bell TV and DIRECTV local channel programming services. These state-of-the-art capabilities require advanced antenna performance. Because the antenna can process all three signals at the same time, you won't experience any delay when switching channels. This also enables the channel guide data to remain constantly up-to-date. Further, multiple television sets onboard will be able to tune in to any program, independent of what other sets might be watching. (The standard s6HD system supports up to 16 receivers and is expandable to 32 receivers.) The s6HD antenna system incorporates advanced Intellian technology which allows boaters to enjoy rock-solid signal tracking regardless of oceanic conditions. Easy to install and operate, no other system better exemplifies Intellian's truly effortless plug-and-play experience. This breakthrough technology means that you can watch TV onboard or at sea just like when you're at home. Features: Simultaneous reception of 3 DIRECTV satellites Receives HDTV channels from 3 primary DIRECTV's Ka-band and Ku-band satellites located at 99xW, 101xW and 103xW No delay time or changing the satellite signal, you can simultaneously watch every DIRECTV channels Multi-band alignment control systems Keeps the multi-feed LNB aligned with the three DIRECTV satellites at sea even during harsh marine environment or high-speed cruising Non-primary DIRECTV service receptions Capable of receiving DIRECTV local channels broadcast from the two DIRECTV Ku-band satellites located 110xW and 119xW as well as Dish Network and Bell TV services Plug and play, DIRECTV capable - easy operation. Single cable from the antenna to ACU for simple installation. Built-in SWM (Single Wiring Multi-switch) and two 8-way splitters in the default package enables 16-receiver connections as standard. Expandable up to 32 receivers and beyond. Fully capable of supporting DVR receivers. Additional features: Advanced, superior low noise antenna performance DIRECTV, DISH Network & Bell TV legacy service capability Multi-band (Ka-Ku) & Multi-feed (3 feeds) in one dome Dynamic Beam Tilting (DBTR) Technology High speed sub-reflector quietly and efficiently tracks signal WRSR (Wide Range Search) algorithm Fast efficient search for satellite reception Single Wire Multi-switch allows connection of up to 16 receivers (32 receivers with the Expansion Kit) Automatic Skew Angle Control System Built-in GPS and GPS NMEA 0813 interface Simplified Dish-to-ACU cabling Easy installation and operation *3 Year Warranty

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