The Radar 1000MKII is a great little LCD radar designed for ease of use and reliability.
It utilizes an ultra compact 12" Radome with a high-speed 32RPM antenna, outputting 1.5kW of power. The compact 6.5" Black & White LCD display utilizes a Jog Dial and Joystick for simple and quick operation. The Jog Dial allows the user to set Gain, Range, Tuning and Sea Clutter. All the features you would expect in larger radars are standard, including interfacing with your GPS for Own Ship’s Position, Course, Speed, and Waypoint navigation. Standard Radar Features:6.5" Black & White, high definition LCD (320 x 240), sunlight viewable, water resistant display. Antenna 12" Diameter Radome with high-speed 32RPM target update. Power Output 1.5kW Transmitter output Range 9 Range scales from 1/8 to 16NM Range Alarms Approach and Departure Guard zones IF Bandwidth 10MHz / 3MHz, Dual IF bandwidth for high Sensitivity Power Requirements 10.2 - 16VDC <30W. NOTE: RADAR 1000MKII 6.5" Black & White LCD 1.5kW 16NM 12" Radome Power Supply: 10.2 to 16VDC, 30W.

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