The Lowrance 47-94 LST-3800 In-dash digital depth and temp guage provides reliable digital depth display. It belongs to the next generation of sonar digitals featuring temperature reading facility. This unit is equipped with high-contrast dot matrix display with advanced LED backlighting. The display shows depths up to 700 feet (213 m) and temperature readings to the nearest 0.1 degree Fahrenheit. The 47-94 is fully sealed and waterproof, and easily fits a standard size diameter hole due to its compact size. It also features shallow and deep depth alarms. 47-94 Features: In-Dash Digital Depth & Temp Guage High-Contrast Dot Matrix Display Advanced LED Backlighting Compact Size High-performance Transom-mount Transducer 200 kHz Skimmer Transducer Built-in Water Surface Temp Sensor Depth Capability up to 700 Feet (213m) Shallow & Deep Depth Alarms Temp Readings up to 0.1 degree Fahrenheit Sealed & Waterproof

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