The MAS 2:1 Epoxy System is NO BLUSH, low viscosity, low odor, and easy to use. Great for beginners, loved by professionals, whether you’re building or repairing boats or anything else with fiberglass. A combination of two resins, 1 thick, 1 thin and 3 non-blushing hardeners are all blendable at a 2:1 mix ratio to meet any shop conditions. Save time and work faster. No messy wash downs, no paint failures. The Low-Viscosity Resin formula is thinner for better wet through of fiberglass, structural fabrics, sheathing, clear coating, saturation coating, sealing wood and vacuum bagging. Cures to form high strength solids at a wide range of temperatures. Excellent flow and self-leveling characteristics. Add fillers for fairing and filleting. MAS Low Viscosity Epoxy Resin can be used in a huge variety of applications including boat hulls and structures which need to completely exclude moisture, as well as laminating and bonding of nearly all materials. NOTE: Mix with an appropriate MAS Hardener in a 2:1 ratio of Resin:Hardener Sold Seperately. See below:

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