The Fastfind and Fastfind Plus series of Personal Location Beacons are the very latest products from McMurdo/Pains-Wessex designed to provide individuals with the highest chance of being found quickly in an emergency at sea. Fastfind Plus The Fastfind Plus is a revolutionary hand-held Personal Location Beacon that features a built-in GPS receiver (Global Positioning System) combined with a 406 MHz transmitter and 121.5 MHz homing signal. In the event of an emergency, an alert signal is transmitted to Cospas-Sarsat satellites and forwarded to a rescue coordination center within typically 3 minutes. The built-in GPS receiver will provide latitude and longitude coordinates to give a position to within typically 98 feet anywhere in the world. The Fastfind Plus comes complete with lanyard and designer splashproof carry case to enable users to keep the PLB safely attached at all times. • Built-in GPS receiver • Weighs just 11 oz. • Global alert to Cospas-Sarsat satellites • 406MHz transmitter • 121.5 MHz homing frequency • Alert time within typically 3 minutes • Positional accuracy to typically 98 feet • Positional updates every 20 minutes • Compact and stylish • Complete with lanyard and designer carry case • User replaceable battery packs (-20C or -40C) . NOTE:Direct purchasing customers placing orders for a McMurdo Pains Wessex GPS PLB (FastFind Plus) or Precision Category I or Category II GPS EPIRB beginning December 1, 2005 through December 31, 2006 will receive an in-package FREE BATTERIES FOR LIFE coupon on the products described above. Replacement batteries will be provided to purchasing consumers contingent upon completion of the “Free Batteries For Life” coupon form in full and as described on that form. Since batteries are expiration-dated, battery coupons will be accepted only within 60 days of battery expiration. FREE BATTERIES FOR LIFE offer excludes any labor or installation charges which shall remain the responsibility of the end user.

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