For Boats up to 35'!
Patented, automatic, helm-operated free fall windlasses drop your ground tackle up to six times faster than comparable power-down models. Remote operation is possible with simple switch activation, eliminating the need for the helmsman to go forward during anchoring. Durable stainless-steel components including drive shafts, rope and chain guide systems, and fasteners Corrosion-resistant marine-grade aluminum housing with triple-finish nylon coating. Rubberized deck gasket protects your deck All models handle both rope and chain High-test chain and three-strand, medium-lay nylon rope required Compact units measure 6 5/16"H x 8"W x 10 PW# Boats To Line Chain Max. Load Draw Speed Up Speed Down WT 35 35' 1/2" 1/4" HT 750lb 8-12A 80"/min 275'/min Fastest way to anchor – Anchor drops up to four times faster! Easiest way to anchor – Free-Fall stops when the anchor has reached bottom – Rope does not collect on your deck while you waste time and effort powering down. Easiest to use – Just hold the helm switch for only five seconds to release free-fall, versus one to three minutes powering down. Precise anchoring location – Anchor your boat where you want it to be, unlike powering down where your boat will drift while you power down.

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