TE:Piling Mounted Electrical Power Center Standard Features Dimensions: 6" x 6" x 21"(Height) Casing: Maximum three receptacles (6 poles) Extruded aluminum 6063 with 1/8" wall thickness. No seams. All stainless steel fasteners with nylon washers. Each receptacle protected by a thermal magnetic circuit breaker Marine grade electrical receptacles are available in 20 amp duplex GFI and 20, 30 & 50 amp twist-lock Electrical distribution block - direct feed Lenses for the lights are on three sides and are made of lexan Thermo plastic receptacle covers Cone top Brackets for either round or square pilings Powder coated white inside and outside 15 year unconditional warranty on structural integrity of casing Listed by qualified testing agency Options TV/telephone receptacle PL-7 fluorescent light & photo cell Natural aluminum finish and custom colors available Electrical Meters. NOTE:


Configuration: 1 ea. 30 amp twist lock, 1 ea 20 amp GFI, Thermo plastic receptacle covers and
light with photo cell (Exact models not pictured.)

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