The Raymarine E92143 4kW 24" HD digital radome combines the power of HD digital signal processing with an ultra-compact scanner to give clearer picture with accurate contact echoes. It is equipped with an adaptive digital receiver that automatically adjusts to changing environmental and sea conditions. It features new high speed mode (48 RPM) that automatically tracks high speed targets at short ranges. The E92143 has complete plug-and-play compatibility with Raymarine C-Series widescreen, E-series classic, E-series widescreen and G-series multifunction displays. It provides an outstanding long range performance up to 48 nautical miles. The unit does not include any radar cable. E92143 Features: RD424HD Digital Radome Part Number: E92143 24-Inch 4KW Power HD Digital Signal Processing 48NM Maximum Range New Bird Mode to Detect Sea Birds Delivers 256 Color Target Levels Dual-range Mode for Long & Short Ranges Adaptive Digital Receiver Fast Digital Receiver Processor New High Speed Mode Compatible w/ Raymarine C-Widescreen, E-Series & G-Series Displays

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