Invented by Autohelm in 1973, tiller pilots have consistently been the world’s most popular pilot ever since, setting the standard for performance, reliability and ease of use. NOTE:Features: The Autohelm Series ST1000+ is the benchmark of performance for the smaller sailboat. Its powerful drive gives it outstanding thrust and speed, leading in turn to responsive helming and fast hard-over times - even on boats of up to 6,600lb displacement. You'll find that the ST1000+ integrates easily into any SeaTalk instrument system. It also directly accepts navigation inputs from SeaTalk GPS or most NMEA sources without the need for external interfaces. These are the only LCD-equipped tiller autopilots in the world; with other products, it's either not available or a costly optional extra. Designed for Sail Boats up to 6,600 lbs 125 lbs of thrust

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