Sea Safe Bilge Cleaner is an easy yet effective way to eliminate grime, dirt, grease and odor from your bilge. Simply add to bilge and run the boat; the boat's motion allows the product to break down dirt, forming a uniform emulsion that can be easily disposed of at an authorized pump out station. The bilge will be clean and odor-free. Sea Safe Bilge Cleaner will not harm fiberglass, metal, plastic or rubber materials. Features •Dissolves sludge and grime. •Easy to use - just pour in, run boat and pump-out. •Biodegradable, environmentally friendly formula. •Leaves bilge smelling clean and fresh. •Contains no phosphates or harsh chemicals •Works in fresh or salt water •Cleans bilge of dirt and odor while you operate the boat; the boat's motion provides the "scrubbing" action •Low sudsing formula; won't harm fiberglass, plastic or rubber materials

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