Uflex B47 Side Mount Dual Lever Control

UFLEX B47 side mount control dual lever (throttle and shift) are suitable for smaller outboard engines. These dual lever side mount controls are made of nylon fiberglass with anodized aluminum levers. Note: accepts Mercury 600 series control cables with no additional parts. For OMC 479 series control cables order K23 adaptor kit. For OMC 400 (pre 1979) series control cables order K24 adaptor kit. For 33C, 3300 type, Yamaha, Honda and Suzuki control cables order K25 adaptor kit.


• Made of nylon fiberglass with anodized aluminum levers

• Left or right side mount installation

• For use with Ultraflex engine control cables:
- C14 and MACH14 with K23 - 32773 D connection kit
- C4 with K24 - 32774 E connection Kit
- C2, C8, MACHZero and all 33C style cables with K25 - 32775 F connection kit
- C5 and MACH5 without connection kit
- Mercury® no connection kit needed
- OMC® pre 1979 w/K24
- BRP® (OMC®) post 1979 w/K23
- Yamaha® w/K25
- Honda® w/K25
- Suzuki® w/K25


B47 - 32770A - Light grey finish
B49 - 33283S - Black finish

Suitable for all outboard engines. SINGLE ACTION TWO LEVER CONTROLS. For use with C14 cables add a k23 kit,C4 cables add a k24 kit. for C2 & C8 cables add a k25 kit, C5 cables use without any connection kit can be mounted left or right side.

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