The Walker Bay 8 Performance Sail Kit increases the sailing performance of the Walker Bay 8. This rig comes with high-end rigging features like the adjustable retractable tiller extension and a 3-position composite kick-up rudder while still being easy to rig or breakdown and store. It is perfect for those who want more performance while still keeping it easy. Walker Bay 8 Performance Sail Kit Features & Components High-visibility color sail 39 sq. ft. / 3.6 sq m sail with 3 ounce Dacron sail cloth 14.7 ft. / 4.47m mast collapses into two sections for easy transport or storage. Clear sail window for better visibility Spars (mast and boom) constructed of anodized aluminum to resist corrosion Conventional 6.5ft. boom optimizes upwind and downwind performance Instantly adjustable on/off ratchet block for easy mainsheet handling Retractable telescoping tiller extension 3-position retractable kick-up rudder Easy Quick Release button to attach/ detach rudder (on motor mount) Quick insertable daggerboard (cap also provided for when daggerboard not in use) Lightweight aluminum centerboard (cap also provided for when daggerboard not in use) Flotation bag for added buoyancy (coast guard certified flotation also in seats) Reinforced mast support tube Boom vang with floating cleat Sail Area: 39 sq. ft. / 3.6 sq. m Mast Height: 14'8" / 4.47m

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