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SeaStar SSC62XX Safe-T QC Steering Cables

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SeaStar Solutions SSC62XX Safe-T QC Rotary Steering Cables

Key Features

  • Tightly controlled core to conduit fit for precise steering
  • HPDE outer jacket is resistant to abrasion and water penetration
  • Stainless steel output ends resist corrosion
  • Simple snap-in ends for easy connection
  • Trapped nut stays in place during cable routing

Compatible Helms

  • Safe-T II NFB Helm; SH5150P
  • No Feedback 4.2 Single Helm; SH4901P
  • No Feedback 4.2 Dual Helm; SH4920P
  • Safe-T QC Helm; SH5094-1P
  • Safe-T II Tilt Helm; SH91190P
  • NFB 4.2 Rotory Tilt Helm; SH91526P
  • NFB 4.2 Dual Rotory Tilt Helm; SH91527P
  • Safe-T QC Tilt Helm; SH91523-1P


Teleflex SSC62XX series rotary steering cable - universal QC-II "Quick-connect" cable replaces all current Teleflex SSC62 rotary cables. Fits all current Teleflex Safe-T "QC" quick-connect helms. Will also fit older non-current Teleflex Big-T and Safe-T threaded helms with addition of SA27620P adapter to attach this cable to older non-current threaded helms using SSC72 type steering cables.


How to measure for steering cables

Measure twice and order once! If you have already disposed of your old steering cables without first recording the cable's length; here is the Teleflex (now SeaStar Solutions)

Teleflex QC II Replacement Steering Cable Assemblies are a direct Replacement for Teleflex SSC62 (used in Safe-T QC & NFB Systems) and SSC72 (used in Safe-T TS & Big-T Systems) and fit most Teleflex rotary helms made after 1968. The QC II features the patented Quick Connect cable hook-ups. These cables can be used on boats with inboards; outboards & stern drives; with single or twin motors. Kit comes with converter to change threaded-spigot helms into quick-connect helms. NOTE:QC II Cables Are Direct Replacements For The Following Systems Safe-T QC Stern Drive (I/O) Steering: SS137XX NFB (No Feed Back)Safe-T II Outboard Cable: SS132XX NFB (No Feed Back)4.2 Outboard Cable: SS147XX Single Station push-pull Big-T Cable: SH500PXX Safe-T QC Outboard Steering Cable: SSC62XX Safe-T TS & Big-T Threaded Spigot Cable: SSC72XX Note: XX Represents the Cable Length. SSC61-8;SSC61-9;SSC61-10.SSC61-11;SSC61-12;SSC61-13;SSC61-14;SSC61-15;SSC61-16;SSC61-17;SSC61-18;SSC61-19;SSC-19.SSC61-20;SSC61-21;SSC61-22;SSC61-24;SSC61-28;SSC61-30;SSC61;SSC61XX;SSC61XX