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3M 09047 Marine Black Streak Remover

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3M's Black Streak Remover works without abrasives and gets rid of the streaks.

Black streaks are typically caused by organic debris; like leaves; dirt; wine stains; etc. Normally; once these stains have set; soap and water will not remove them. Some detailers will tell you to compound the affected areas; but we suggest you go easy on your boat's finish and use 3M Black Streak Remover; which works chemically to remove these stains. 9047;09047.Black Streak Remover is safe for fiberglass; metal and painted surfaces.

Key Features

  • Removes mineral stains
  • Works without scrubbing
  • Safe for fiberglass; metal and painted surfaces
  • 16.9fl.oz.


Designed to remove black streaks. Safe for use on fiberglass; metal and painted surfaces.