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ob·nox·ious/əbˈnäkSHəs/adjectiveadjective: obnoxious1. extremely unpleasant.synonyms:unpleasant; disagreeable; nasty; distasteful; offensive; objectionable; unsavory; unpalatable; off-putting; awful; terrible; dreadful; frightful; revolting; repulsive; repellent; repugnant; disgusting; odious; vile; foul; abhorrent; loathsome; nauseating; sickening; hateful; insufferable; intolerable; detestable; abominable; despicable; contemptible; informalhorrible; horrid; ghastly; gross; putrid; yucky; godawful; beastly; skanky; literarynoisome the gasoline-powered pump made an obnoxious racket