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INTERLUX Super Albative with Slime Fighter™ Gallon

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Is a multi-season; antifouling paint that is formulated with two biocides that provides effective protection against barnacles; slime; algae and hydroids. It is recommended for boats that are used in high fouling salt or fresh water areas; or which remain in the water for prolonged periods between haul outs. Super Ablative wears away; resulting in a reduced build-up of old coatings and minimized sanding at reapplication. This also allows the boat to be hauled and launched without recoating. Super Ablative is for use below the waterline on fiberglass; wood and properly primed steel boat hulls and parts; in fresh; salt and brackish waters. Do not use on aluminum.HardMulti-season; ablative antifouling for Power and SailWears away with useSlime Fighter™ increases dependable season long protection in all watersHaul and launch without recoating.