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Interlux VC17M Extra with Biolux™

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Interlux VC-17M Extra Antifouling Boat Bottom Paint

VC-17m is a thin film bottom paint for racing sailboats and powerboats that is formulated with Fluoro microadditive to reduce friction and drag. When applied the VC17m will immediately give a hard; super smooth; racing finish that would normally take days of tiresome sanding. VC17m is great for use on inflatables. VC 17m uses metallic copper to achieve complete protection against zebra mussels; teredo worms; weed; algae and slime fouling. This is especially helpful in freshwater or low fouling saltwater. The applied thickness of VC 17m is eight times thinner than traditional paint; which virtually eliminates film build-up. It’s quick drying for fast re-launch.


  • Thin film antifouling for racing sailboats and powerboats
  • With Fluoro microadditive for a low friction surface
  • Hard; smooth surface for use in fresh and low fouling salt water
  • Great for use on Inflatables
  • Quick drying for fast re-launch
  • Biolux Technology blocks slime and algae growth

Pack Size: 1 US Quart Not Available in Gallons.

Colors Available: YBA405 Original Brown; YBA406 Blue; YBA407 Red


Note: VC 17m Extra changes color after several weeks of immersion.

  • YBA405 (Original): At application - copper bronze. Changes to brownish gray.
  • YBA406 (Blue): At application - dark copper bronze. Changes to dark blue.
  • YBA407 (Red): At application - reddish copper bronze. Changes to bright burnt red.


Teflon® additive reduces hull friction and drag and increases performance VC17m Extra’s thin film yields a super smooth racing finish that would normally take days of tiresome sanding. The Teflon® finish is great for racing sailors and powerboats looking for that extra knot. What’s more; VC17m Extra is easy to apply by roller or airless spray and dries in minutes allowing for same day launchings. When it comes time to recoat the next year no sanding is required; just clean and apply. Now that’s easy! VC17m Extra contains metallic copper and Biolux Slime blocking technology to protect your boat from zebra mussels; teredo worms; weed; algae and slime fouling. It’s the ideal paint for the Great Lakes; inland lakes and low fouling saltwater areas. Quart. Type: Thin film Teflon® Recommended Usage: Inland lakes; low fouling salt water areas; trailerables; dry-stored; racing boats; fiberglass; wood and steel hulls Biocide: 20.35% Cuprous Oxide Additives: Biolux (anti-slime technology) Number of Coats Recommended: Two/three Coverage: 85sq.ft./qt. Drying Time: To touch: 2 to 10 min.; over coating 10 to 30 min.; to launch: 10 to 30 min. Thinner: VC 172. Colors: YBA405KIT/QT Original; YBA406KIT/QT Blue; YBA407KIT/QT Red