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INTERLUX Viny-Lux Primewash

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Self-etching primer promotes adhesion of paint to metalPromotes adhesion of paint to metal. Two-part zinc chromate; vinyl butyral self-etching primer. Must be thinned with Interlux 355 Thinner. Do not apply more than one coat. Two-part kit makes one quart.Primary Usage: Metal conditioner prior to application of other paints Formulation: Self-etching two-part zinc- chromate vinyl butyral Applies Over: Clean bare metal Drying Time: To touch: 30 min; to overcoat: window of 1 to 24 hrs. max. Number of Coats Recommended: Do not apply more than one coat Thinner: 355 Vinyl-Lux Solvent; Model 117960; 25% min.–30% max. Coverage: Brush: 106sq.ft./qt.; Spray: 85sq.ft./qt. Color: Yellow