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Jabsco 18940-0010 Engine Cooling Pump

by Jabsco
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Jabsco 18940-0010 is a bronze Flexible Impeller engine cooling pump with a Neoprene Impeller, Carbon/Ceramic Mechanical Seal, bare shafted pump only. This pump is supplied with a 6-1/2 Inch Diameter full grip A belt pulley. It replaces Sherwood G-5, G-7-B Engine cooling pumps for Chrysler LM-318X-LM-340X, Lehman 302, 351 C.I., and Powerhouse Marine 302, 351 C.I. It has a nominal flow rate of 15 gallons/min (56.8 Litres/min) at 1500rpm and is self-priming from dry up to 2.4m (7.8ft). Be sure that all suction lines are airtight so that the pump will self-prime. Start the engine and run at low speed. This pump depends on the water for lubrication. Do not run dry for more than 30 seconds. Lack of water will damage the impeller. This pump is designed for liquids between 45 degrees and 180 degrees F. Pumping colder water will shorten impeller life.

Features : 

Pump Body:
Shaft Seal:
Carbon/Ceramic Mechanical Seal


Product Specs :

Flow rate: Nominal 56.8 Litres/min at 1500 rpm.

Self-priming from dry up to 2.4m .

Constructed from marine quality bronze and stainless steel.

Mechanical seal.

Easy to service and maintain.

Handles hard and soft solids without clogging.

Will tolerate abrasive wear.

Can pump in either direction.

Will not airlock.

Compatible engines

  • Chrysler: replaces Sherwood model G5
    • LM 318
    • LM 340
    • LM 360
    • LM 383
    • LM 400
    • LM 440
  • Lehman 302, 351 cu. in.
  • Powerhouse Marine 302, 351 cu. in.


Water Circulation Pumps - #18940-0010

Name Value
Capacity Variable with RPM
20 Gallons per Minute at 2000 RPM
Diameter 1 1/4" Barb
Dimensions 5 3/8" Width x 2 1/4" Height x 5 7/16" Length
Features Engine Cooling Pump
Material Bronze Body