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JRC Radar 1000 MKII

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The Radar 1000MKII is a great little LCD radar designed for ease of use and reliability.
It utilizes an ultra compact 12 Radome with a high-speed 32RPM antenna; outputting 1.5kW of power. The compact 6.5 Black & White LCD display utilizes a Jog Dial and Joystick for simple and quick operation. The Jog Dial allows the user to set Gain; Range; Tuning and Sea Clutter. All the features you would expect in larger radars are standard; including interfacing with your GPS for Own Ship’s Position; Course; Speed; and Waypoint navigation.Standard Radar Features:6.5 Black & White; high definition LCD (320 x 240); sunlight viewable; water resistant display. Antenna 12 Diameter Radome with high-speed 32RPM target update. Power Output 1.5kW Transmitter output Range 9 Range scales from 1/8 to 16NM Range Alarms Approach and Departure Guard zones IF Bandwidth 10MHz / 3MHz; Dual IF bandwidth for high Sensitivity Power Requirements 10.2 - 16VDC <30W.NOTE: RADAR 1000MKII6.5 Black & White LCD1.5kW 16NM 12 Radome Power Supply: 10.2 to 16VDC; 30W.