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MOELLER Mechanical Sending Units

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Swingarm Mechanical Sending Units with a direct sight gauge or with the conversion capsule gathers fuel level information with the float. While accurate; the gauge will fluctuate as the fuel in the tank slosh around the tank when boating because of the moving parts - the float.Direct Site Gauge is complete on unit. NOTE:Cross ReferenceMoeller/Tempo Cross Over: 035750-10/420010Moeller/Tempo Cross Over: 035751-10/420020Moeller/Tempo Cross Over: 035752-10/420030Moeller/Tempo Cross Over: 035753-10/420040Moeller/Tempo Cross Over: 035754-10/420050Moeller/Tempo Cross Over: 035755-10/420060Moeller/Tempo Cross Over: 035756-10/420070Moeller/Tempo Cross Over: 035757-10/420080Moeller/Tempo Cross Over: 035758-10/420090Moeller/Tempo Cross Over: 035759-10/420110