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Racor P510MAM Multipass Fuel Polisher

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The New Racor Fuel Polisher removes contamination at the source - the fuel tank. Most filtration solutions block contamination as it moves through the fuel system on the way to the engine. As contamination builds; fuel filters will choke leading to inadequate fuel delivery to the engine; damage to injectors and other engine components; increased emissions; and decreased performance. The Racor fuel polisher removes contamination from the fuel tank allowing the fuel system to run at peak performance. By setting up a new fuel circuit around the fuel tank contaminates such as water; dirt and rust will be removed from the fuel delivery circuit; resulting in increased filter life; better performance; and less downtime to change filters. Fuel polishing can be used in Marine; Ag and off highway; construction; power gen; and remote equipment. •Water accumulates in fuel tanks by drawing in moist air during the day and condensing at night. •Bio-fuels and additives can loosen deposits on fuel tanks. •Contamination and debris through distribution.NOTE:•Bottom loading cartridge design •Aluminum and stainless steel construction •Approved for all bio-fuels to b20; #2 USLD and JP8 fuels •Aquablock media cartridges •Flow rate to 60 GPH (220 LPH) •Stainless Steel Water in fuel sensor •UL 1105 fire test Certified •26 PSI MAX pressure output •Electric pump operates in both 12V and 24V applications •Electrical wire harness with control switch included