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Raymarine DSM300G Network Sounder Module

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Digital Sounder Module with HDFI (High Definition Fish Imaging) Technology. Black box digital fishfinder provides full function fishfinder capabilities to Raymarine E-Series; C-Series and hsb2 displays.Integration CapabilitiesE-Series SeaTalk hs network integration (optional SeaTalkhs crossover coupler or SeaTalk hs Network Switch isrequired)C-Series integrationhsb2 networking compatible with Plus series radars;chartplotters and fishfindersEcho Sounder Features:Dual frequency operation (200/50 kHz)1000 or 600 watt available output power depending choice of transducerHD Digital Auto Adaptive Gain control (no adjustment required)Patent Pending Digitally Adaptive Transmitter Receiver with infinitereceiver bandwidth settings and digital filterA-Scope (Real-Time Display): Split second real time representation offish and bottom features passing through the beam of your transducer rightnow; the history of your A-Scope is represented in the standard sounderimage scrolling across your screen.Zoom Display: Auto or manual zoom magnification of any part of the 200or 50 kHz fishfinder screen image; (X 2; X4 or X6 magnification).Bottom Lock: The bottom lock feature; shows the bottom as a straightline; in order to help you detect fish close to the bottom and remove waveaction from the fishfinder image.White Line: The White line feature helps distinguish between fish andthe bottom; when fish are swimming close to the bottom.Features:Dual frequency operation (200/50 kHz). HDFI Auto Adaptive Gain control (no adjustment required). Patented Digitally Adaptive Transmitter Receiver. Compatible with E-Series High Speed SeaTalk HS Network. Compatible with hsb2 and C-Series displays. There will be a 3m C Series connection cable included with the DSM300. All other connection cables must be purchased separately depending on system integration.NOTE:Compatible with C-series; E-series; and HSB2 displaysHDFI auto adaptive gain control.Black Box Digital Sounder Module with HD Digital Technology.HD Digital Sounder ModuleDigital Sounder Module adds HD Digital technology to RaymarineE-Series and C-Series multifunction displays600 or 1000 Watt operation depending on choice of transducerDual frequency 50/200 kHzPatented Raymarine HD Digital sounder technology