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Scanstrut ROKK Charge Pro Fast Charge USB-A USB-C Socket [SC-USB-03]

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ROKK Charge Pro Fast Charge USB-A & USB-C Socket

ROKK Charge Pro is the ultimate onboard USB charger. Featuring a USB-A and USB-C charging port housed in an IPX6 waterproof design, this is the only USB-C charger on the market that remains waterproof while in use.

Say hello to fast charging! The unique design charges up to 36W on 12V systems and 60W on 24V systems. This makes it ideal for charging modern laptops via the USB-C port. It's also twice as fast when charging larger tablets, designed to easily charge an iPad Pro and iPhone at the same time.

Perfect for where space is at a premium, ROKK Charge Pro has a sleek, ultra-compact design with a click-and-lock lid allowing the USB to remain waterproof while in use. Constructed from premium, marine-grade materials, ROKK Charge Pro is IPX6 waterproof making it completely wash-down ready.

USB – C output:

  • 60W max on 24V system
  • 36W max on 12V system

USB – A output:

  • 36W max

The install cut-out matches those of standard USB sockets for easy retrofit or swap of an existing USB charger, allowing you to keep up with the heavier power draws of modern electronic devices.


  • Universal fit for any USB-A or USB-C connectors
  •  Fast charge (60W max) up to 2 devices at a time.
  • Easy Install, using standard USB mounting hole - 29mm (1 1/8”)

Washdown Proof:

  • IPX6 waterproof with the lid closed

Marine Ready:

  • Anti-corrosion coating on the circuit board
  •  UV resistant
  •  316 stainless hinge and spring

Electrical Information:

  • Input voltage: 10-30V DC (12/24V System)
  • Input current Max: 6A (10A fuse recommended)
  • Standby power draw: 0.01W

The charge cable supplied with your device (tablet, phone, action camera, etc) must be used to achieve maximum charge performance from this charger. Phones will charge at the same speed whether on a 12V or 24V input voltage system. However, a 24V system must be used to get the full 60W output suitable for fast-charging laptops.

Brochure (pdf)