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Sierra 18-15370 V-Belt

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Sierra 18-15370 V-Belt

Replaces: 57-65607T

Key Features:

  • High strength synthetic cords resist shock load
  • Their low stretch properties assure uniform performance over the life of the belt
  • Special rubber compound section assures smooth and even transfer of load forces to the cords
  • Cogs are molded to precise engineering tolerances to improve flexibility and maintain cord support
  • Provides a large area for air circulation keeping the belt cool while preventing heat build up
  • Rubber edges maintain positive; no-slip contact with pulley grooves for reliable energy transfer

Additional Details:

Effective Length: 37" or 94cm
Top Width: 29/64" or 11.5mm


Sierra Marine V-belt is equivalent to parts:

  • 65607Q Mercury Marine
  • 57 65607Q Mercury Marine
  • 9-55005 Mallory Marine

Replaces OEM part # MERCURY MARINE 57-65607T