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Sierra 18-2259 GEAR SET(1.98:1)

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An upper gear set for Mercury/Mariner Outboard; it includes a gear set; a seal kit; an outdrive gasket et; a drive shaft housing to bell housing gasket; and a bearing. For Mercury/Mariner Outboard For 120 / 140 1.98:1 ratio This set includes:Gear Set - (Sierra Part No. 18-2205) (O.E. No. 43-5578A3)Seal Kit (Sierra Part No. 18-2648)(O.E. No. 26-32511A2)Outdrive Gasket Set (Sierra Part No. 18-2618)(O.E. No. 2794996A1)Drive Shaft Housing to Bell Housing Gasket (Sierra Part No. 18-2820)(O.E. No/ 27-64818)Bearing(Sierra Part No.18-1160) (O.E. No. 31-35990A1)Bearing (Sierra Part No.18-1161) (O.E. No. 31-359900A1)Bearing (Sierra Part No.18-1135)(O.E.No. 31-61100A1)Drive Shaft Housing to Bell Housing Gasket (Sierra Part No.18-2743)(O.E. No. 2794996-2)