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Sierra 18-6777 Trim Motors for Mercury/Mariner Outboards

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(NEW) O.E.M. HEAVY-DUTYFits: Late model 50-125 HP Mercury/Mariner outboards w/ single ramReplaces: Force 819479A1;81948OA1Mercury 809885A1; 809885A2; 809885T2; 811674822870A1; 855654A1; 885654T1; 885654T2Sierra 18-67772-wire connection; Hollow-hex shaft(Motor/Reservoir Only)Includes stainless steel mounting screws; two shaft adaptors; O-ring and fill plug. Bullet Connector Terminal Ends. NOTE: Replaces OEM part #CHRYSLER FORCE 19217A1-A5CHRYSLER FORCE 818903A1CHRYSLER FORCE 819479A1CHRYSLER FORCE 819480A1CHRYSLER FORCE 819762A4-A7CHRYSLER FORCE 81977A8-A9CHRYSLER FORCE 822870A1CHRYSLER FORCE 830250A3-T3CHRYSLER FORCE 832021A1-T4-A2-T2CHRYSLER FORCE 855654A1-T2MERCURY MARINE 19217A1-A5MERCURY MARINE 818903A1MERCURY MARINE 819479A1MERCURY MARINE 819480A1MERCURY MARINE 819762A4-A7MERCURY MARINE 81977A8-A9MERCURY MARINE 822870A1MERCURY MARINE 830250A3-T3MERCURY MARINE 832021A1-T4-A2-T2MERCURY MARINE 854472A2MERCURY MARINE 854472A3MERCURY MARINE 854472A4MERCURY MARINE 855654A1-T2Contains: All parts necessary; a new 2-wire motor/reservoir; drive shaft coupler; oil seal; O-ring and hardware.For: 30 Jet; 30 4-Stroke; 35; 40 2;3;4Cyl.; 40 4-Stroke; Bigfoot; 45 4- Stroke; Bigfoot; Bodensee; 50 3-Cyl.; 50 4-Stroke; Bigfoot; 55 3-Cyl.; 60 3-Cyl.; Bigfoot; 65 Jet; 75 3-Cyl.; 75 4-Stroke; 80 Jet; 90 3-Cyl.; 90 4-Stroke; 100 4-Cyl.; 115 4-Cyl.; 125 4-Cyl. If you have any of the 2-wire single ram systems; use 18-6777.