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Sierra 18-7943 Fuel Water Separator Assembly OMC

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Sierra 18-7943 Fuel Water Separator Assembly OMC

High-performance fuel injected engines require ultimate fuel filtration; separation of water from the fuel supply and maximum fuel flow. Sierra's new filter elements deliver all three of these critical performance factors. 7900-Series 10 micron filters eliminate harmful contaminants at over 90% efficiency; while removing over 99% of emulsified water. They're engineered for today's sterndrives and inboards; along with 2-cycle and 4-cycle outboards.

Today's ethanol-blended fuels increase the chances of water in fuel tanks; resulting in premature wear; poor performance and component damage. Contaminants of over 10 micron size also can cause severe damage with the close tolerances of today's fuel pumps and injectors. That is why a high efficiency water separating filter is so important.

  • Sierra 10 micron filters were independently tested to JIS; SAE J1839/J905 and ISO 4548-12 standards.


18-7943 Fuel Filter for OMC Style; 10 Micron


I/O or Outboard Engines! Contains 18-7920 Filter and 18-7924 Metal Bowl!