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Sierra MP39760 OMC Ignition Switch

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Sierra MP39760 OMC Ignition Switch

Impact- and corrosion-resistant switch provides Off-Run-Start and push-to-choke.

Sierra's Polyester Marine Ignition Switch fits a standard 7/8"dia. hole and offers impact and corrosion protection. Nickel-silver screw terminals ensure long-lasting conductivity. This three-position magneto switch provides Off-Run-Start with push-to-choke. Includes two keys and different key codes for added security.

Key Features

  • Maximum corrosion protection eliminates oxidation
  • Inner seal between cylinder lock and contact plate
  • Non-conductive housing eliminates potential shorts
  • Three-position magneto switch
  • Convenient push-to-choke


  • Material: Marine-grade glass-filled polyester
  • Length: Short; 5/8" maximum panel thickness
  • Hole Size: 7/8"
  • Terminal Type: 5 screw tab; 1 boss screw
  • Back Up Nut: Plastic
  • Face Nut: Hex black plastic
  • Choke: Push-to-choke
  • Positions: Off-Run-Start


  • Ignition: 15A @ 12V DC
  • Solenoid: 30A @ 12V DC
  • Choke: 7A @ 12V DC
Application OEM Part Number
Johnson/Evinrude Outboard 393301; 508180
Seadog 420382-1

Push to Choke Ign.Switch Replaces:OMC#3933013 Position Magneto - Off-Run-Start - Push To Choke