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Z SPAR 1015 Captain's Varnish

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High performance; easy-to-apply traditional amber-colored varnish.

Recommended for the highest quality work; Captain’s Varnish offers outstanding gloss retention; is extremely durable and contains a UV shield. Not for use below the waterline.

Key features 

  • Offers outstanding gloss retention and durability
  • Traditional warm; amber color
  • Extra U.V. protection
  • Easy-to-apply; durable finish

ZPAR Captains Varnish is a high solids marine varnish for the highest quality work. Outstanding gloss retention and all around durability. Contains U/V filters. Our best selling marine varnish. NOTE: Recommended Usage: Exterior or interior; above water Formulation: Traditional alkyd; 48% solids Additives: UV inhibitors Application Method(s): Brush or spray Drying Time: To touch: 2 hrs.; overcoat: 12 hrs. Number of Coats Recommended: Previously varnished: 2 coats; bare wood: 4 or more coats Color: Clear amber Finish: Gloss Coverage: Brush: 68 sq.ft/pt; 137 sq.ft/qt; 550 sq.ft/gal; spray: 55 sq.ft/pt; 110 sq.ft/qt; 440 sq.ft/gal. Thinner: 120.

Technical Specifications

  • Resin: Alkyd/ Phenolic
  • Oil: Linseed/Tung
  • Oil Length: 20 gals.
  • UV Absorbers: Present
  • Solids (theoretical): Weight- 55 +- 1%; Volume- 48 +- 1%
  • Coverage: 585 sq. ft/gal.
  • VOC: 410 g/l (3.4 lbs/gal) as supplied
  • Flash Point:105Deg F
  • Application Method: Brush or Spray
  • Number of Coats: Bare Wood- 4 minimum; Existing Varnish- 2 minimum
  • Dry Film Thickness per coat: 1.5 mils (3.1 wet mils)
  • Application Temp: 40Deg F. Min.; 90Deg F. Max.