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Z-SPAR 2067 Captain's Ultra-Clear Varnish

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Z Spar Captains Ultra Clear 2067 is a premium urethane varnish with ultraviolet inhibitors designed to maintain outstanding gloss long after ordinary varnishes have faded. Ultra-Clear differs from Flagship and Captains 1015 in that it is as a urethane resin type resin. The urethane resin adds clarity and hardness not found in natural varnishes. As a result; Ultra Clear provides remarkable resistance to scratches; chips; alcohol and water. Excellent brushability; leveling and fast buildup make this varnish a pleasure to apply. Z Spar Captains Ultra Clear 2067 varnish is an excellent choice for areas where durability and brightwork gloss are required. NOTE:•Urethane Provides Remarkable Resistance Against Scratching and Chipping•Strong UV Inhibitors Provide Outstanding Gloss Retention•Size: Quart; Color: Amber